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Reinvent the food chain

An innovative as well as natural approach for a healthier and more sustainable future.

Including our products has shown a higher feed intake compared to traditional alternatives, greater growth, a higher survival rate, and strong resistance to diseases.
Livestock animals
It's shown that even a low percentage of integration brings various benefits. Depending on the species, a greater growth, resistance during weaning, and a healthier gut flora can be observed.
Extremely digestible, rich in protein, natural, and sustainable. The transition from traditional to modern feeding offers only the best from a nutritional standpoint.

Discover the advantages

From aquaculture to livestock and pets.

Integrating feeds with our insect-based products can provide a range of benefits to animals, including improved nutrition, increased energy, and better digestion. Insects are a rich source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, which can help animals maintain a healthy diet. Insects also contain high levels of fiber, which can aid animals in digesting food more efficiently. Moreover, insects can provide a more sustainable and economical alternative to traditional animal feeds and reduce the ecological footprint of the supply chain.


Less CO2 emissions

Compared to cattle farming, cricket farming reduces CO2 emissions by over 30 times and eliminates methane emissions for an equal amount of protein produced.


Less water consumption

Cricket farming requires much less water for an equal amount of protein produced. Water consumption can be reduced up to 35 times.


Less land occupation

The possibility of vertical development in cricket farming and the much smaller size of the animals reduces land use by about 25 times, leaving more space for nature.


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